Resolution of the 7th World Health Summit Regional Meeting

April 29-30, 2019 | Kish Island, I.R. Iran

We, the Heads and Members of Delegation of the  M8 Alliance who participated in the M8 Assembly held on 28 April 2019, along with speakers, partners, and participants at the 7th World Health Summit Regional Meeting, held 29-30 April 2019 in Kish Island, I. R. Iran in line with Sustainable Development Goal 3, the 2012 UN General Assembly Resolution on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) A/67/L.36, World Health Assembly Resolution WHA67.23 and WHO Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 2013-2020 (resolution WHA66.10):

1 |   Endorse the M8 Alliance Declaration of 2018: “Health is a driving force for the Sustainable Development Goals.” We express our commitment to support the SDG 3 Action Plan for Health and Well-Being, commitment to support the global move to Universal Health Coverage, commitment to a global health agenda that builds on the universal right to health, commitment to ensure global health security, commitment to invest in science and technology, and commitment to address violence and sexual exploitation as a public health issue.

2 |     Highlight six broad areas of rich discussion at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019: health in uncertain situations, global health in a transitional world, sustainable health development with focus on universal health coverage, prevention and control of NCDs and mental health, planetary health, and medical education. We advocate further inclusion of such topics during the upcoming World Health Summit and Regional Meetings.

3 |     Advocate the inclusion of innovative agenda items discussed during the World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019 in Kish in planning and convening the agenda for the upcoming World Health Summit in Berlin. These topics include oral public health, religions and challenges of global health, students’ capacity in global health, strengthening essential surgical systems, networking in medical education, and the “new silk road.”

4 |     Commend the efforts of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in holding the first ever World Health Summit Regional Meeting student pre-event, which took place on 28 April 2019 in Kish Island, I. R. Iran.

5 |     Propose the idea of establishing the “M8-Alliance Student Network,” as endorsed at the M8 Assembly meeting on 28 April 2019. This network would promote and improve global health by creating an open dialogue between students and allowing them to have a role in healthcare agenda setting, policymaking, education and research in global health, thereby contributing to the realization of the M8-Alliance vision.

6 |     Emphasize the specific and unique role of the M8 Alliance together with the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) in bringing academia, research institutions, politics, civil society, and the private sector together from around the world to advocate appropriate agenda setting to address the complex challenges of global health and reach sustainable health development.

7 |     Recognize that collecting evidence-based information for defects and inadequate institutional and/or human capacities, mechanisms, methods, and resources leads to priority setting in many developing countries and supports evidence-based decisions in implementing UHC as committed to in the SDGs.

8 |     Emphasize and promote respect, dialogue, justice, and peace among nations and people in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These principles must guide the world and all nations in dealing with conflicts. Every effort of a respectful and peaceful dialogue has to be made in order to avoid aggressive acts and sanctions. Data were presented at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting that economic sanctions imposed by certain countries (not the United Nations) against Iran had harmful effects on the countries’ economies, people’s welfare, healthcare, and the availability of life-saving medicines. The M8 Alliance strongly emphasizes in agreement with international conventions that all countries, especially those involved in international conflicts, remain responsible for preserving and supporting adequate medical and humanitarian assistance for all people, especially women, children, and those in need.

About the World Health Summit Regional Meeting

Each year, the World Health Summit in Berlin is complimented by a Regional Meeting in a different part of the world. Regional Meetings are hosted and organized by the M8 Alliance member holding the World Health Summit International Presidency, which rotates every year. Host institution and organizer of the Regional Meeting 2019 was Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS). The vision of the World Health Summit and its Regional Meetings is to improve health everywhere, catalyzing that process through collaboration, academic freedom, and open dialogue, steering tomorrow’s agenda to improve research, education, healthcare, and policy outcomes.

About the M8 Alliance

The M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities, and National Academies is a collaboration among academic institutions committed to improving global health. It includes the InterAcademy Partnership, which represents all national academies of medicine and science. Working together with political and economic decision-makers, the M8 Alliance’s primary goal is to develop science-based solutions to health challenges all over the world. It functions as the academic foundation of the World Health Summit and Regional Meetings and is a permanent platform for framing the future considerations of global medical developments and health challenges in an equitable fashion.