Central topics:

  • Vaccine Development and Policies: Challenges and Strategies
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Diseases
  • New Technologies and Personalized Therapies
  • New Frontiers in Healthcare Promotion

Session recordings and program details


Sapienza University of Rome hosted and organized the World Health Summit Regional Meeting in Rome.

Established in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, Sapienza is one of the oldest universities in the world and with more than 100,000 students one of the largest in Europe.

About Sapienza

World Health Summit International Presidents 2022

Eugenio Gaudio is a Professor of Human Anatomy and served as the rector of Sapienza until 2020. He is the author of over 500 scientific publications and holds two international patents. He is Commendatore dell’Ordine of the Italian Republic, honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Bologna, member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts and counselor for the Ministry of University and Research for health education. He currently serves as the President of Roma Sapienza Foundation.

"Without health, everything is nothing“, as the philosopher Schopenhauer said. The tragic period of the Covid pandemic should teach us to face health challenges together. Sapienza is honoured and proud to host the World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2022 and to debate about science, innovation, and policies related to global health."

Luciano Saso is a Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine at Sapienza. He coordinated several research projects in the field of pharmacology and has been referee for many national and international funding agencies and international scientific journals in the last 25 years. He is vice-rector for the European University Networks, member of the Council for Doctoral Education at Sapienza as well as president of the Steering Committee of the UNICA network of the Universities from the Capitals of Europe.