Selma Karabey

Academic Member, Istanbul University, Turkey

Dr. Selma Karabey is Professor of Public Health at Istanbul University.  She currently serves as the Chair of Post-graduate Education Program on Public Health at the Istanbul Medical Faculty and the members of National Committee of Program Developing on Public Health Post-graduate Education. She has worked as a Senior Advisor of National Program on Multi-sectoral Health Approach leaded by the Turkish Ministry of Health and has been acting as a board member of BirIZ Association which is performing community mental health. Her major interests are mental health promotion and social policies in health.

Mohammad Reza Khami

Director, Research Center for Caries Prevention, I. R. Iran

Professor Mohammad Reza Khami, born in 1978, got his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) in 2002, and his PhD in Community Oral Health from University of Helsinki in 2007. He currently works as a full professor in Community Oral Health Department, TUMS School of Dentistry, and the head of Research Center for Caries Prevention, Dentistry Research Institute of TUMS. He also is the Chief Consultant of Vice-chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs, TUMS.

Hamidreza Khankeh

Professor, Director, Research Center in Emergency & Disaster Health, I. R. Iran

Mehrnaz Kheirandish

Director General for Assessment and Control on Prescribing and Use of Medicines and Health-related products, Iran Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, I. R. Iran

Mehrnaz Kheirandish (MD, PhD) is the Director General for Assessment and Control of Prescribing and Use of Medicines and Health-Related Products, in Iran Food and Drug Administration (Iran FDA). In her current responsibility, she leads the following programs in Iran FDA: Health Technology Assessment (HTA); Rational Use of Medicines (RUM); Hospital pharmacies; Pharmacovigilance center (including ADR); and the pharmaceutical care standards. She was previously the Secretary of the Biosafety Committee of Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

Ardeshir Khorshidian

Head of the Association of the Mobedan of Tehran Water and Air in Zoroastrianism, I. R. Iran

Mohammad Hossein Khoshnevisan

Director, Community Oral Health Dept., Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, I. R. Iran
Ilona Kickbusch

Ilona Kickbusch

International Advisory Board Chair, Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute Geneva, Switzerland

Prof. Ilona Kickbusch’s work focuses on the political determinants of health, health in all policies, and global health. She established the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute and served as its director until 2019. She advises countries on global health strategies and trains health specialists and diplomats in global health diplomacy. Among other positions, Kickbusch is a member of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board and the WHO High-Level Independent Commission on NCDS and is co-chair of UHC 2030. She acts as Council Chair to the World Health Summit in Berlin. She has had a distinguished career with the WHO and chairs the international advisory board for the development of the German global health strategy.

Gonnie Klabbers

Department of Health Ethics and Society, Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands

Meri Tuulikki Koivusalo

Professor, Tampere University, Finland

Meri Koivusalo  has expertise in global and transnational health and social policy, trade and global governance for health. She is "globally" interested in global health issues, but she has a particular interest in the relationship between economic globalization, trade and health, health systems and politics and practice of global health policy-making. Meri has a background in public health medicine with a PhD in environmental health and MSc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She has co-authored and edited academic and textbooks in the area of global health as well as worked with Finnish government, European Commission, WHO-Geneva, UNRISD and a number of international nongovernmental organizations. Meri is currently member of the WHO expert panel on science and technology.

Alexander Krämer

Faculty Member, Bielefeld university, Germany

Alexander Krämer is an expert in the field of Public Health with background in internal medicine and epidemiology, and one of the founders of the first School of Public Health in Germany at Bielefeld University. His research fields consists of a global public health perspective: urban health, climate change, infectious diseases and refugee health. As senior professor, he is the director of the Graduate Research Programme FlüGe at Bielefeld University, Germany, addressing refugee health from inter- and trans-disciplinary views.