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Berlin, Oktober 8th, 2010


Partner Symposium

Successful Malaria-Treatment: A Common Global Challenge for the Future?

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Worldwide, every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria.

The fight against malaria is one of the most important challenges within development politics as in Africa alone, malaria leads to an annual loss of productivity of more than US$12 billion. Read more

Prof. Zul Premji will point out the health economical impact of malaria and will share best practices in the fight against malaria. A discussion together with Dr. Rolf Koschorrek, Member of the German Parliament, and Guy Lefrand, Member of the French Parliament, will focus on current challenges for development politics in Europe.

Speakers of this session are:

  • Zul Premji | Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases | Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences | United Republic of Tanzania
  • Guy Lefrand | Member of French Parliament | France
  • Rolf Koschorrek | Member of German Parliament | Germany

The session will be chaired by:

  • Oda Hagemeier | Manager National Health Policy | Novartis Pharma GmbH | Germany

 This Novartis Partner Symposium takes place at October 1th, 2010, 12.45-13.15 in the Main Hall.

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Partner Symposium

Neurological Diseases: A Major Challenge for Science and Socioeconomics

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The size of common neurological disorders in EU has been steadily increasing over the past decade and is likely to continue to increase further. Can improved early recognition and care strategies at least stabilize the burden of disease?

Furthermore development of innovative drugs becomes more and more important in this context. However the main challenge in basic as well as clinical research is to translate the increasing knowledge into effective therapeutic strategies. This main challenge in medical research is highlighted and discussed taking Multiple Sclerosis as an example.

Speakers of this session are:

  • Bernd Kieseier | Professor, Department of Neurology | Heinrich Heine University | Germany
  • Hans-Ulrich Wittchen | Director | University of Dresden | Germany

The session will be chaired by:

  • Karl Max Einhäupl | Chief Executive Officer | Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin | Germany

This Novartis Partner Symposium takes place at October 11th, 2010, 13.20-14.50 in the Main Hall. (Click here to see session details).


Partner Symposium

The Globalization of Infectious Diseases: Cause and Consquence

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The renaissance and (re)-emergence of infectious diseases is entirely a consequence of human behaviour. The more human beings on this planet, the better the life of all microbes able to infect humans. Read more

Risk assessments have clearly demonstrated that technological advances, environmental changes, novel life styles including highly enhanced mobility, microbial resistance, global inequalities in health services, etc. all impair medical development on a global scale. This symposium will summarize the global efforts to fight microbial resistance, the spread of the worst infectious diseases HIV and tuberculosis and the inequalities in access to medicine.

Speakers of this session are:

  • Stefan Kapferer | State Secretary of Health | Federal Ministry of Health | Germany
  • Petra Gastmeier | Director, Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine | Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin | Germany
  • Alex Coutinho | Executive Director, Infectious Diseases Institute | Makerere University | Uganda
  • Seth Berkley | President & Chief Executive Officer | The International AIDS Vaccine Initiative | United States
  • Robert Sebbag | Vice President Access to Medicines | sanofi-aventis | France

The session will be chaired by:

  • Reinhard Kurth | Robert-Koch Fellow, former President of PEI, RKI, BfArM | Robert Koch Institute | Germany

The sanof-aventis Partner Symposium takes place at October 12th, 2010, 13.15-14.45 in the Main Hall.

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