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Newsletter 07/2020: Global Health in the Global Spotlight

Dear friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has put global public health into the spotlight worldwide and has highlighted the importance of international cooperation, collaboration, and equal access to health resources. Many of our friends and institutions in the M8 Alliance play an important role in their countries and beyond and we can be proud of this fantastic network

People around the world are searching for reliable sources to learn about the virus and the best protection against it.

The internet is an easy way to access many different information sources. By analyzing Google searches and Twitter followers, we have created interactive charts that document the growth of interest for selected players, institutions and search terms during the pandemic. To explore the data, visit the COVID-19 Data page that is part of our COVID-19 platform. 

It is crucial that we make progress in global health and it becomes more and more urgent that we achieve universal health coverage. This is an important step towards being better prepared for future pandemics. This has high priority on the World Health Summit program 2020. Thus, we are glad to be able to host this year's World Health Summit despite the current challenges so that we can work on solutions for a better future. 

Please remain healthy, keep safe and join us for the World Health Summit 2020, October 25 to 27 in Berlin and digital!

Detlev Ganten
Founding President

Charles Ibingira
International President 2020

WHS 2020 Berlin and Digital


Due to the pandemic-induced regulations regarding distancing and hygiene, we will host the on-site conference on a smaller scale and by invitation onlyDigital participation will be organized in the usual World Health Summit manner despite the virtual format: With the possibility of taking part in lively, fruitful, and constructive discussions

Visit our program planner for detailed information on dates, times, and topics of every session of #WHS2020.

Get more information on details, speakers, and topics

We look forward to your participation at the World Health Summit - in Berlin or via internet!

World Health Summit 2020
25-27 October
Kosmos, Karl-Marx-Allee 131A, 10243 Berlin
& Digital

Latest confirmed Speakers 2020

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Public interest in health has risen enormously since the first news on the new coronavirus: global health has never before been in the spotlight like this. Due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19, people have resorted to the internet to keep themselves informed on the latest developments. The chart below shows how Twitter followers have grown between January and June 2020 for two active and reliable players in the pandemic: Dr. Tedros and Christian Drosten. The drastic increase in followers is an indicator that people want to listen to the voice of science.

Explore more interactive charts using data on growth of interest in global health here


Collaboration to help displaced scientists

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and the International Science Council (ISC) are collaborating to help displaced scientists. This new project will develop proposals for a coordinated response to support researchers who are displaced by crises to stay on their feet and continue their careers. It is unknown, how many scientists are currently seeking asylum or forced into exile, however, the number is expected to increase should problems such as civil conflict and climate change continue to worsen.

InterAcademy Partnership – COVID-19 Recovery must be green

The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) and its 140 medical, scientific and engineering academies from around the world call for a green approach to COVID-19 recovery. In the communiqué, IAP argues that only a low-carbon recovery can generate co-benefits for social equity, the environment, and human health.

World Health Summit President Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten Interview with DW

World Health Summit President Detlev Ganten was interviewed by Deutsche Welle (DW) about the importance of a coronavirus vaccine and how to cope with the pandemic while without a vaccine. He also stresses that once a vaccine is available, it will have to be available to everybody and united political pressure will have to be put on those trying to limit access.

Final Report on Student Pre-Event for 2019 Regional Meeting available

At last year's Regional Meeting in Iran, the organizing committee from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) formed a student organizing committee and obtained the official approval of the M8 Alliance to hold the first-ever official student event during a Regional Meeting. The final report on this successful event is now available on our website


German European Union Council Presidency

On July 1, Germany took over the EU Council Presidency: "In the motto, 'Together for Europe’s recovery', the German Government is putting the focus of its Presidency on overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and seeking answers to the challenges of the future that we need to address now, thus also expressing its goal of making Europe stronger, more equitable and more sustainable."

2020 Sustainable Development Goals Report – how is progress affected by COVID-19?

The publication of the 2020 SDG Report documents the immense impact of the COVID-19 pandemic towards reaching the the Goals. The spread of the coronavirus across the globe has exposed and exacerbated existing inequalities and it is reversing decades of progress on poverty, healthcare, and education. 

Regional Meeting Kampala Uganda New Date

Save the Date

The World Health Summit Regional Meeting in Uganda will take place on June 27-30, 2021.

Get all the information on the Regional Meeting in Uganda here

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