During the annual World Health Summit in Berlin/Germany, in the Regional Meetings, in specific Expert Meetings, and in regular conference calls, the M8 Alliance members work together on a range of issues to set the agenda for global health imnprovement and to convey scientific evidence and advice to policy makers around the globe.

The M8 Alliance promotes both “bench-to-bedside” translation of research and the transformation of current medical care approaches to treating the ill. It is seeking to accomplish this through the creation of a healthcare system focused on the effective prevention of diseases, as well as the adaptation of health-related solutions to rapidly changing living conditions through research in priority areas like shifting demographics, urbanization and climate.

Some of the issues have seen continuous activity over the years. Program information, meeting documentations, and results in form of statement or scientific articles will - by and by - be collected on this page.

Migrant and Refugee Health

Migrant and Refugee Health has been a M8 Alliance priority topic since 2015. It featured high on the World Health Summit agenda, and the M8 Alliance member Sapienza University of Rome organized dedicated Expert Meetings in June 2017 and June 2018.

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Natural Disasters and Health

Natural disasters are unforeseen incidents, and preparedness – being organized for any possible disaster – is crucial. Natural disasters can create irreversible damage and can pose serious threats to human life and public health. The M8 Alliance works to provide support in order to help save lives, and rehabilitate the survivors after disasters. During the annual World Health Summit or in Expert Meetings, experts from different countries gather to discuss the problems of individuals , and to establish a common understanding and a global approach to the public health challenges related to natural disasters worldwide.

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