Karl-Marx-Allee 131a | 10243 Berlin, Germany

The main body of the KOSMOS, which today includes the main hall, was designed by the architects Josef Kaiser, Herbert Aust and Günter Kunert. The building was inaugurated as a cinema in 1961. With 1001 seats, it was the largest, most modern and most popular film theatre in the former GDR. In February 1998 UFA took over this historic building. The cinema has been extensively modernized in line with the requirements of historically listed buildings.

Since the building fits in perfectly with the architectonic ensemble on the Karl-Marx-Allee, the largest single collection of historical buildings in Germany, preserving the basic architectural style was a top priority during the modernization work. Thanks to the unequaled charm and the extensive restructuring of this listed building, it has reclaimed the status of a popular public location.



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