The M8 Alliance’s vision is to harness academic excellence to improve Global Health.

The M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies is a collaboration between academic institutions committed to improving global health. Working together with political and economic decision-makers, its primary goal is to develop science-based solutions to health challenges all over the world.

This international network is the outstanding academic foundation upon which the World Health Summit – the pre-eminent annual forum for healthcare dialogue – is built. It functions as a permanent platform for framing the future considerations of global medical developments and health challenges in an equitable fashion.

The M8 Alliance promotes both “bench-to-bedside” translation of research and the transformation of current medical care approaches to treating the ill. It is seeking to accomplish this through the creation of a healthcare system focused on the effective prevention of diseases, as well as the adaptation of health-related solutions to rapidly changing living conditions through research in priority areas like shifting demographics, urbanization and climate.


The M8 Alliance is improving global health through pursuit of five strategic goals:

  1. Developing a worldwide network of academic health science centers, and bringing together universities and healthcare providers;
  2. Facilitating dialogue through the World Health Summit across a global network of stakeholders who are engaged with academic health science centers. These stakeholders include (among others) individuals and institutions active in government, industry and commerce, inter-governmental agencies, healthcare providers, academies of medicine and science, professional associations and the media;
  3. Setting an agenda for global health improvement by addressing issues of interest to academic health science centers, and conveying findings and recommendations based on scientific evidence through the generation of key statements;
  4. Positioning the M8 Alliance as an authoritative, credible and respected influence when it comes to decision-making in global health; and
  5. Creating a knowledge base amongst M8 Alliance members, which directly involves the promotion of mutual learning, research collaboration, the enrichment of educational capabilities and enhanced clinical outcomes.

M8 Alliance Treaty Preamble

October 2009

(...) Health and personal well-being are of highest importance, not only for the individual, but also for society as a whole. Much has been achieved by the medical advances of the last century. Whilst recent discoveries promise to bear the potential for even greater improvements in health care, the new Millenium also poses new challenges for the standard of health world wide. The rising cost of health care, together with demographic changes, require a conscious effort to improve medicine, whilst keeping it affordable. Health is a basic human right; it has to be ensured that it is delivered.

Only a global effort can succeed in tackling this global challenge. The M8 Alliance, an Alliance of Excellence, is set up as an international network of prestigious medical faculties to further this process. Medicine and the Life Sciences have to be firmly established on the political and social agenda. The first step towards this goal will be increased exchange between the members of the M8 Alliance and co-operation in the realms of research, education, health care and the organization of the World Health Summit.

The M8 Alliance will closely co-operate with other bodies such as the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) and the Inter-Academy Medical Panel (IAMP) to increase the leverage of academic medicine to improve health together with stakeholders on the national and international level.

The World Health Summit will be the central platform of the M8 Alliance. It will be held annually. The first World Health Summit in October 2009 will mark the formal inauguration of the M8 Alliance.(...)