Covid-19 Platform

Get the latest scientific insights on the coronavirus by World Health Summit's academic network, the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies. It is an international association of 28 excellent universities, research institutions in 19 countries, and the medical branches of national academies of science in 130 countries.

This platform aims to share scientific insights on the corona (COVID-19) pandemic by the individual M8 members: National experience with the virus which can help other countries, research which might be important for other scientists, or latest data on the spread of the virus. 

The M8 Alliance is confident, that clear, accurate communication is crucial for a worldwide strategy in managing this pandemic. Only with cooperation and mutual assistance beyond borders this global health crisis can be tackled - we are all together in this.

Please feel free to share the information distributed by this unique international academic network.

M8 Alliance Statements

COVID-19 Information by:

Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Makerere University

Milken Institute School of Public Health

National Taiwan University

National University of Singapore