Berlin, Germany | October 20th - 22nd, 2013

WHS Regional Meeting Ceremonially Opened

The first WHS Regional Meeting in Latin America has been ceremonially opened at the Government House of São Paulo.

Arthur Chioro (Minister of Health, Brazil), the presidents of the WHS 2014, and fellow keynote speakers emphasized the importance of the meeting for Latin America and how much it will contribute to solving regional health challenges.

Please enjoy more pictures of the opening day >>>

M8 Statement Demands Action to Improve Health in Latin America

Immediate action on at least five topics is needed to counter the significant socio-demographic and epidemiological changes in developing countries and their effects on health is required, according to experts gathered in Brazil.

Closing three days of work towards solutions, a mutual call for action has been released >>>

WHS Regional Meeting - Speaker Update

More than 100 high-ranking speakers from academia, politics, civil society, and private sector will make the WHS Regional Meeting - Latin America an important call to action on the most pressing health challenges in Latin America.

Be inspired by keynote lectures, informed in panel discussions, and connected to health-care professionals in various workshops.

For more information on the confirmed speakers please continue to the selection of speakers >>>

The Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo

Opinions and Essays

(...) "I think in the past the developed world looked at itself in isolation when it comes to health. But recent issues, like the outbreak of epidemics and new viruses, are telling a new story. It’s time that we all share our knowledge and intellectual property so that we can fight disease as a common entity." (...)

Read the essay in the WHS Yearbook 2013 >>>

(...) "We need to achieve a learning innovation system, where frequent interactions between the different stakeholders involved increase the quality of decisions and ensure optimal exchange of knowledge. Public Private Partnerships could be at the forefront of a more efficient biomedical innovation process." (...)

Read the essay in the WHS Yearbook 2013 >>>

Hanny-Sherry Ayitey
(Minister of Health, Ghana)

Prof. Peter Gruss
(President, Max Planck Society)


Regional Meeting

Find all details on the WHS Regional Meeting, Latin America - São Paulo >>>

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