Berlin, Germany | October 20th - 22nd, 2013

M8 Alliance Kyoto - Fukushima Statement

On occassion of the WHS Regional Meeting - Asia, Kyoto 2015, the M8 Alliance issued a special "Fukushima Statement":

"...Nothing less than a transformation is needed to create health systems in Japan and globally that are responsive and resilient to future shocks and emerging contextual challenges, including the rapid ageing of society. Such a transformative change will require a set of actions..."

The whole statement is available in Japanese >>> and in English >>>

Successful WHS Regional Meeting in Kyoto

600 participants gathered in Kyoto for the WHS Regional Meeting 2015. They enjoyed two days of keynotes, symposia and workshops with international experts addressing regional and global challenges for health.

The next World Health Summit >>> will be held in Berlin from October 11-13, 2015, in Berlin.

Special Topics of the Regional Meeting

...Robot Suits for the Future...
...Retinal Cell Therapy using iPS Cells...
...Healthy Aging: What Japanese Society can tell us...

These are some of the interesting aspects the program of the coming WHS Regional Meeting - Asia in Kyoto will cover.

Learn more about speakers and topics >>>

Program: WHS Regional Meeting - Asia 2015

The purpose of this meeting is to encourage trans-disciplinary discussion with special emphasis on the social responsibility of medical academia.

The program will be organized along three tracks:

  1. Challenges in a Rapidly Aging Society
  2. Preparedness & Resilience to Disaster
  3. Fostering the Next Generation of Global Health Leaders

Find out more about the program >>>

Impressions from the WHS Regional Meeting - Asia 2015

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