The  World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2018 - Portugal, Coimbra brings together leading researchers, physicians, government officials and representatives from industry, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and healthcare systems worldwide.

Among the confirmed speakers are:
(in alphabetical order)

José Otávio Auler, Dean, University of São Paulo Faculty of Medicine

José Otávio Auler Jr.

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo, Brazil

José is specialized in anesthesiology and in intensive care. His clinical research activities focus on fluid restitution, hemodynamic monitoring, mechanical ventilation, sepsis, patients at high surgical risk and experimental hemodilution.

Ricardo Baptista-Leite, Member of Parliament, Head of Public Health, National Parliament (Portugal), Catolica University

Ricardo Baptista Leite

Member of National Parliament, Head of Public Health at Catolica University of Portugal, Portugal

MD and Member of the Portuguese National Parliament (Health and Foreign Affairs Committees). Founding President of ‘UNITE – Parliamentarians Network to End HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis and Tuberculosis’, a global platform of policy makers. Globally acknowledged by ‘The Economist’ as a ‘HCV Change Maker’ in recognition of his leadership in the field of hepatitis C. Head of Public Health at Catolica University of Portugal, Coordinator of Sustainable Healthcare at NOVA Information Management School and Guest Lecturer at NOVA Medical School. Founder of ‘CREATING HEALTH – Research and Innovation Funding’. Main author of the book ‘Citizenship for Health'.

Declan Barry

Medical coordinator, Medicins Sans Frontieres, Greece

Declan Barry trained as a paediatrician in Ireland before joining Medicins Sans Frontieres in 2010. With MSF he has worked in many different settings in both clinical and management positions, including Libya 2011, Afghanistan 2012 & 2015, and Syria 2013. He is currently the Medical Coordinator of MSF's response in Greece.

Hélène Boisjoly, Dean, University of Montreal, Canada

Hélène Boisjoly

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal, Canada

An accomplished Corneal Surgeon and Ophthalmologist, Hélène Boisjoly is the first woman to hold the position of Dean of Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal and within the greater province of Quebec. She was the International President of the World Health Summit 2017.

Paulo Buss, Director, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz - Centro de Saúde Global e Cooperação Sul-Sul

Paulo Buss

Director, Collaborating Center for Global Health and South-South Cooperation, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil

Medical doctor and Master in Social Medicine. Full professor of the National School of Public Health and Director of the Centre for Global Health at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil. Doctor Honoris Causa of the University NOVA de Lisboa, Portgal and Member of the National Academies of Medicine of Brazil, Portugal and Argentina. Paulo is author of more than 50 chapters of books and 170 papers. Main author of the book ‘Diplomacia da Saúde e Saúde Global: Perspectivas latino-americanas’ (Health diplomacy and global health: Latin-American perspectives).

Nazzareno Capitanio, Full Professor of Biochemistry, University of Foggia - Dept. of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

Nazzareno Capitanio

Full Professor, University of Foggia, Italy

Full professor of Biochemistry at University of Foggia – School of Medicine Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine – Laboratory of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry. Research Activities and Interests: Molecular mechanisms of energy transduction of the respiratory chain complexes; Oxidative metabolism and redox signalling; and Physio-pathology of mitochondrial cellular bioenergetics in the contest of stem cell biology, cancer development, immune response, viral infection and circadian rhythms.

Placido Cardoso, President, National Public Health Institute

Placido Cardoso

President, National Public Health Institute, Guinea-Bissau

President of the National Publich Health Institute, Guine-Bissau. Member of the IHMT Consultative Board and of the CHAMPS Global Partner Board. Former positions: Director General of the West African Health Organization, CCM Permanent Secretary at Global Fund, Director General of Public Health, Member of the National Medical Commission, Physician in charge of Adults Meningitis cases during Epidemics, Physician and Director in the Bandim Health Centre, Public Health Regional Director of Cacheu. National health public studies on educating pairs, reproductive health and health services financing.

Gustavo Carona

Intensive Care Especialist, Portugal

Doctor. Anesthesiologist. Intensive Care specialist. Humanitarian Missions: Mozambique, RDCongo, Pakistan, Afeghanistan, Syria, Central African Republic, Iraq. Author of the Book: 1001 Letters to Mosul.

Hugues Cormier

Professor, Faculté de Médecine, Université de Montréal, Canada

H. Cormier, prof, Faculté de médecine, U de Montréal, founder PRÉSENCE Mindfulness Montréal Ctr. PRÉSENCE 8 pilars of health: Resilience; Ecology; Spirituality; Exercice, physical & mindful; Nutrition; Connectedness; Engagement. The goal is to promote student and medical School community Well-Being. MD with a specialty in psychiatry, a Harvard Master of Public Health, a Strasbourg diploma médecine méditation neurosciences, Oxford mindful + Hopkins Intl Health training.

Fernando de Almeida

President, National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge (INSA), Portugal

President of the National Health Institute Dr. Ricardo Jorge (INSA) - State Laboratory in the Health Sector, National Reference Laboratory and National Health Observatory of Portugal. Past roles include the Vice Presidency of the Regional Health Administration for the Center of Portugal, the Presidency of the Board in the Psychiatric Hospital Center of Coimbra, and member of the National Commission for AIDS Eradication's Consultee Board. Graduated in Medicine and postgraduated in Public Health at Nova Medical School, Lisbon.

Miguel De Barros

Coordinator, Research Cell in History, Anthropology and Sociology, CESAC, Guinea Bissau

Sociologist, co-founder of the Center for Social Studies Amílcar Cabral-CESAC. Member of the Council for the Development of Research in Social Sciences in Africa-CODESRIA, researcher at the Center for International Studies of the University Institute of Lisbon-CEI/IUL-ISCTE and the Center for International Studies Border Epistemology and Psycho-Political, Economy and Culture, Universide La Frontera, member of the leadership of the Guiean Civil Society Network for Food and Nutrition Security.

Nuno Empadinhas, Group Leader, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Nuno Empadinhas

Group Leader, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology, Portugal

PhD in Biochemistry with specialty in Microbiology from the University of Coimbra (UC). Postdoctoral studies on the biosynthesis of vital mycobacterial polysaccharides in a quest for new targets for innovative TB therapies. Currently a Group Leader at CNC-UC as head of Molecular Mycobacteriology & Microbiome research. His Group’s growing collection of mycobacteria and other pathogens from hospitals, home water of infected patients and from diabetics foster genomic and epidemiological studies for therapeutic and public health policy advice. His most recent project deals with the imminent co-pandemic TB-diabetes.

Mónica Ferro, Director, United Nations Population Fund

Mónica Ferro

Director, United Nations Population Fund, Switzerland

Director of the Geneva Office of UNFPA. Secretary of State for National Defence in the XX Constitutional Government of Portugal; Chair of the All Party Group on Population and Development; Former Vice President of the Executive Committee of the European Parliamentary Forum. Lecturer at ISCSP - University of Lisbon. Associate Researcher at the Centre Interdisciplinary for Gender Studies. Monica has several articles and book chapters published on cooperation, human rights and gender equality, and books published on the United Nations System.

Filipa Fixe, Executive Board Member, Glintt

Filipa Fixe

Executive Board Member, Glintt, Portugal

HealthCare Director at Glintt. eHealth expert at the European Commission. Advisory Board member of European Projects. Former positions: Business Creation coordinator deputy within InnoLife – European Institute of Innovation and Technology Health; IS/IT B2B product management director and Head of Health, Education and Financial services at Portugal Telecom. PhD in Bio/Nanotechnology with the development of electronic DNA chips for SNP detection, Electronically addressed DNA chips with optoelectronic detection.

Antoine Flahault, Director Institute of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva

Antoine Flahault

Director, Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Antoine Flahault MD, PhD in biomathematics. He has been appointed as full professor of public health at Paris in 2002 and at Geneva since 2014. He is the founding director of the Institute of Global Health, Univ. Geneva and of the French School of Public Health (EHESP, Rennes, 2007-2012). He is past-president of the WHS (2016), president of the Geneva Health Forum, and Associate Member of the Académie Nationale de Médecine, Paris, France.

Paulo Freitas

CEO IMVF, Instituto Marques Valle Flôr, Portugal

Presides the Board since 1986. Among other professional projects, he holds the most high-level management positions concerning intensive care, medical emergency and internal medicine at the Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca Hospital, since 2000, being a member of the Clinical Management since November 2017.

Detlev Ganten, WHS President

Detlev Ganten

President, World Health Summit, Germany

A specialist in pharmacology and molecular medicine, Detlev Ganten is one of the world’s top scientists in the field of hypertension. He is the Founding President of the World Health Summit, a former CEO of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and Founding Director and CEO of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine.

Renata Gomes, Head of Research and Innovation, Blind Veterans UK

Renata Gomes

Head of Research and Innovation, Blind Veterans UK, UK

Head of Research and Innovation at Blind Veterans UK. PhD in Regenerative Medicine. Renata worked at King’s College London and at the University of Oxford and is a Senior Lecturer in Haematology and Cardiovascular Sciences. Particular expertise and proficiency in scientific operations in areas of combat and conflict. Named as one of the best Young Scientists in the UK for Science Engineering and Technology. Nominee a finalist for the Wise Hero Science Award in 2014 and one of the 6 Women of the Future (and the only scientist) in the professional category in 2015. Most recently became one of the World Winners of the prestigious Falling Walls Lab.

Bárbara Gomes

Professor, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Bárbara is a researcher expert in proofing care at the end of life to ensure it matches people’s preferences and priorities. Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Coimbra and honorary research fellow at the Cicely Saunders Institute of King’s College London. She has led several studies on end of life care. Her research has informed health policy and triggered strategic planning, service developments as well as dialogue with the public and the media about palliative care in Europe and beyond.

Marcus Grant, Editor-in-chief, Cities & Health

Marcus Grant

Editor-in-chief, Cities & Health, UK

Marcus works as an engaged scholar and urban designer/landscape architect for healthy people and planetary health. Former associate professor and deputy director of the WHO’s Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments. An expert advisor to the WHO focusing on healthy placemaking for Quito Habitat III, contributions to ‘Health as the Pulse of the New Urban Agenda’ and the European roadmap linking SDGs and Health 2020. He examines sustainable development and health in consultancy, governmental organisations and academia. Editor-in-chief of a new academic journal ‘Cities & Health’.

John Hogenesch

Professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA

John is an Ohio Eminent Scholar and Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in the Divisions of Human Genetics and Immunobiology. His lab studies genome biology with a focus on the molecular mechanisms of circadian rhythms in mammals.

Ali Jafarian

Faculty Member, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr. Ali Jafarian born in 1968 in Tehran-Iran was appointed as faculty member of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) from 1999. He was awarded the certificate of Vascular Surgery in 2006. He is the Founding head of the Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation division in Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex since 2002. He has been Dean of Medical School, Vice Chancellor and the Chancellor of TUMS. He is now advisor to Minister of Health and Board member of TUMS.

Mohammad Jalili

Professor, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Dr Mohammad Jalili is an emergency medicine specialist by training and works as the attending physician in the emergency department of a large tertiary hospital in Tehran, Iran. He works as the professor of emergency medicine department and medical education department in Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He served as the director of the Educational Development center from 2009 till 2011 and as the vice-chancellor for education from 2011 till 2017.

José Jesus Silva

Health Director, Portuguese Navy, Portugal

Commodore Jesus Silva is graduated in Medicine and Surgery by University of Coimbra. He joined the Navy in 1988, as Naval Reserve Officer, and the Permanent Board of Officers, at Navy Physicians Class in 1989. He is specialized in Stomatology, Hospital of S. José, in Lisbon and qualified with the degree in Consultant of Stomatology and Subspecialist in Orthodontics. As Naval Medical Officer, he was Deputy Director and Director of the Center of Naval Medicine and President of the Naval Health Board. As Commodore, Jesus assumed the position of Director of Health on January 11, 2017.

Ilona Kickbusch, Director Global Health Centre, Graduate institute of International and Development Studies

Ilona Kickbusch

Director Global Health Centre, Graduate institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland

Ilona Kickbusch is the founder and director of the Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. She is chair of the World Health Summit Council. She is presently an advisor to the senior management of WHO. She chairs the international advisory board on global health to the German Minister of Health. Her work focuses on the governance of global health, health in all policies and health diplomacy.