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Newsletter 04/2022: We Must Change Course

Dear friends,

Many countries are lifting COVID-19 restrictions and are trying to recover and rebuild from the pandemic. With the focus shifting to living with the virus, governments must now act on the lessons we have learned to avoid future outbreaks – be it from a new COVID variant or from other viruses. We should not and cannot fall back to pre-COVID routines. Instead, we must choose to change course, as Dr. Tedros put it in his message for World Health Day in April: “We can create societies, economies and products that nurture health and well-being and stop subsidizing those that destroy it.”

While it is understandable that the world is looking forward to a situation where we don’t have to bother so much with vaccinations and hygiene rules – we all know that we have to work hard to protect the health of all, humans, animals, and the planet alike. It is time to act.

Aside from the highly debated issue of a well-functioning pandemic preparedness architecture, sustainable and equitable investing in health and well-being is more important than ever. All nations and organizations have to join forces to promote health equity as well as health systems resilience.

These topics will be central to the World Health Summit 2022 - the first one together with WHO -  and highlighted as “Game Changer” discussions.

Stay safe and healthy!

Axel R. Pries
World Health Summit


Mark your calendars and get the latest program news for the World Health Summit 2022 together with WHO taking place October 16-18.

The World Health Summit strengthens exchange, stimulates innovative solutions to health challenges, fosters global health as a key political issue and promotes the global health debate in the spirit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 17 “Partnership for the Goals”.

WHS 2022 will focus on “Making the Choice for Health” by reflecting on the most pressing topics:

- Investment for Health and Well-Being
- Climate Change and Planetary Health
- Architecture for Pandemic Preparedness
- Digital Transformation for Health
- Food Systems and Health
- Health Systems Resilience and Equity
- Global Health for Peace


The central topics will be tackled in various keynote sessions, including:

- KEY 02 - Game Changer: Architecture for Pandemic Preparedness
- KEY 03 - Game Changer: A New Lens on Investment in Health and Well-Being
- KEY 04 - Game Changer: Digital Transformation for Health
- KEY 05 - Polio Pledging Event
- KEY 06 - Moving Forward: Making the Political Choice for Health
Read related news on the polio event below

See the World Health Summit website for program details and regular updates
Read the Save the Date press release
Check the special World Health Summit 2022 event page on the WHO website


Hotel Berlin Central District 
Stauffenbergstraße 26
10785 Berlin, Germany
& Digital

The World Health Summit 2022 is the first WHS together with WHO and a kick-off: a joint summit will be taking place every three years from now on. Want to know more about the collaboration? Click here



100+ speakers, 20+ sessions, and 5 central topics in 2.5 days: Getting ready for the World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2022, June 15-17 in Rome, Italy. Hosted and organized by M8 Alliance member Sapienza University of Rome.

Central Topics 

– Vaccine Development and Policies: Challenges and Strategies
– Healthcare Systems
– Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Diseases
– New Technologies and Personalized Therapies
– New Frontiers in Healthcare Promotion

More on speakers, program, host, and venue


Register now for on-site participation and visit the registration website for details.


The Organizers of the Regional Meeting in Rome are proud to present their partners and thank them for their generous support of the event: Abbott, BSP Pharmaceuticals, Chiesi, Leica Biosystem, Fondazione Internazionale Menarini, GSK, McGrawHill, and Milestone.



Attacks on Health Care 

The World Health Organization reports 175 attacks on health care in Ukraine (as of April 29) since the beginning of the war: violations of international humanitarian law. In total, WHO reports almost 250 attacks on health care in 12 countries worldwide in 2022.

For accurate figures and details go to WHO's Surveillance System 

Read about the need for detailed, transparent surveillance of crimes against health care and humanity as well as united actions to hold violators accountable, outlined in an article on the website Think Global Health: "Ukraine: A Turning Point for Attacks on Health"

Mass Exodus

According to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, more than 5.3 million Ukrainians - mostly women and children - have fled to neighboring countries since the attacks began on February 24. More than 7.7 million are internally displaced within the Ukraine. "The speed of the displacement, coupled with the huge numbers of people affected, is unprecedented in Europe in recent memory," said Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Find the latest numbers on the Ukrainian refugee situation in the UNHCR Operational Data Portal


The Way Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

"As the world recovers and rebuilds from the pandemic, we have a choice. We can go back to the way things were or we can change course." Listen to a strong message by WHO's  Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on social media on the occasion of the World Health Day 2022.


Global Polio Eradication Initiative Seeks New Funding Commitments

Read about the pledging moment for the GPEI Strategy during WHS 2022 in e.g., Devdiscourse, New Telegraph and reliefweb

Resilient Health Systems Worldwide

Read about Berlin as a valuable location for global health and the challenges, the role of the World Health Summit, and goals of German global health policies in Tagesspiegel Background Gesundheit & E-Health (German only)

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