World Health Summit Video Recordings 2013

All sessions held in the prestigious Weltsaal and Europasaal of the Federal Foreign Office Berlin have been recorded - including all keynote lectures and the press conference.

Please enjoy a view back to speakers, topics, and discussions that made the WHS 2013 the success it was:

(Please follow these links to the sessions held on Monday, October 21, and Tuesday, October 22)

World Health Summit 2013 Movie

Sunday, October 20: Weltsaal

WHS Ceremony

WHS Opening Session

Polio Eradication: Introducing IPV and Strengthening Routine Immunization

Symposium: "Foreign Policy and Global Health"

Symposium: "Science Diplomacy Meets Health Diplomacy"

Sunday, October 20, Europasaal:

Symposium: "Fairness and Accountability - Engaging in Health Systems in the Middle East and North Africa "

Symposium: "Grand Challenges for Genomics and Public Health in Developing Countries"

Keynote Lecture + Symposium: "Big Data"

Central Press Conference

Please follow this link to see the session held on Monday, October 21