World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019

Date: April 29–30, 2019
Venue: Kish International Convention Center, Kish Island, Iran
Host: Tehran University of Medical Sciences 

Welcome Messages

Ali Jafarian
World Health Summit International President 2019

Amir Takian
Secretary, World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019

Message from the World Health Summit Founding President

Detlev Ganten
World Health Summit Founding President


  • Health in Uncertain Situations
  • Global Health in a Transitional World
  • Sustainable Health Development
  • NCD & Mental Health
  • Planetary Health
  • Medical Education

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Featured Speakers

H. E. Es'hag Jahangiri
First Vice-President, I. R. of Iran

Christoph Hamelmann
Representative, World Health Organization, I. R. Iran

Dr. Seyed Alireza Marandi
President of the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences

Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert
Global Health Advisor, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand

H.E. Dr. Saeed Namaki
Minister of Health & Medical Education, I.R. Iran

H.E. Dr. Yelzhan Birtanov
Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dr. Kamran Almas Abbasi
Executive Editor, The BMJ, United Kingdom

Rana Hajjeh
Director of Communicable Diseases, WHO/EMRO, Egypt

H. E. Mohammad Javad Zarif Minister of Foreign Affairs, I.R. Iran

Dr. John Lavis
Director, McMaster Health Forum, Canada

Dr. Yik Ying Teo
Dean, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford
President, Intl. Society for Urban Health, USA

Dr. Ilona Kickbusch
Director, Global Health Centre, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Dr. Bagher Larijani
Vice Minister- MoHME and Chief of INCDC, I.R. Iran

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Date & Venue

During the World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2019, 4 plenaries and 29 parallel sessions will be held on 29-30 April, 2019 at Kish International Convention Center, Kish Island, Iran.

The Kish International Convention Center consists of a number of multi-functional halls and facilities with 13,000 square meters of built-up space. The complex possesses all the peripheral facilities and equipment and offers a world-class venue ideal for conferences and a variety of other events and functions. Among unique features of the center are its convenient location in the beautiful and tranquil coastal environment of Kish Island. 


English will be the official language of the summit.


Should a registered delegate be unable to attend, a cancelation fee of 20% will be deducted from the original payment if written notice of the cancellation is received before March 29 2019. If a written notice received on or by April 15, a cancellation fee of 20% plus one night accommodation will be deducted from the original payment. Unforunately, no refunds are available for cancellations after April 15. 

Entry Visa

No entry visa is required for Kish Island, as it is a free trade zone. Passports will not be stamped upon entry or exit at Kish International Airport. The summit protocol staff will be waiting for you at the airport upon your arrival and will accompany you to the hotel.

Ladies are requested to wear scarf/shawl to enter to Kish Island.

Participants who wish to visit mainland Iran are required to obtain an entry visa.  Entry visas can be obtained either in your country of residence or at Kish Island. Please inform the summit secretariat if you would like to visit the mainland.

Foreign Currency Exchange

The official unit of currency is the Iranian Rial, but Iranians almost always talk in terms of Tomans, a unit equal to 10 Rials.

Please bring enough cash in Euros or US Dollars for the duration of your trip. Due to international sanctions, you cannot use credit or debit cards, travelers’ cheques or ATMs in Iran. Whichever currency you choose, the most important thing to remember is to bring as much cash as you’re likely to need, then a bit more. Currency exchange offices are located at the airport and at different locations on the island. A Euro is equal to 135,000 Rials (13,500 Tomans), and US Dollar is equal to 120,000 Rials (12,000 Tomans).


The following hotels are provided for your stay in Kish Island:  

Organizer: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

The first modern center of medical training in Iran was founded in 1851. It was a part of the institute of Higher Education (Dar-ol-Fonoon). The School of Medicine was established as a part of University of Tehran in 1934. After the lslamic Revolution, medical schools and departments associated with medical fields were separated from the Ministry of Higher Education and were taken under the administration of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. Since 1986, all those schools of University of Tehran which specialize in medical fields have carried on their activities independently as Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) which is the oldest and most well-known medical center in Iran, nationally as well as internationally.

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  • Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoHME) - IRAN
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) - IRAN
  • Kish Free Zone Organization - IRAN
  • Science and Technology Vice-Presidency - IRAN
  • National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) - IRAN
  • World Health Summit


Iran also known as Persia, officially the Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in Western Asia with a history of over 3,000 years and home to one of the oldest known civilizations. Iran is the 18th largest country in the world and the 17th most populated nation. Tehran is the capital and largest city of Iran. Other large metropolitan areas include, but are not limited to, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Ahwaz, Yazd and Hamadan.

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