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Newsletter 10/2018: Testimonials, Keynote Sessions, Practical information

Newsletter 09/2018: High Patrons, Panel Discussions, Satellite Event, Partners

Newsletter 08/2018: Opening Ceremony, Speaker Update, Satellite Event, Partners

Newsletter 07/2018: Speaker Update and Startup Track

Newsletter 06/2018: Early Bird and Final Call for Applications

Newsletter 04/2018: World Health Summit in Berlin

Newsletter 03/2018: Regional Meeting - Latest Updates

Newsletter 02/2018: Regional Meeting - Welcome Message

Newsletter 01/2018: Regional Meeting 2018 - Portugal


Newsletter 12/2017: Season's Greetings

Newsletter 11/2017: Wrap Up + Outlook Regional Meeting

Newsletter 10/2017: Highlights, Social Media & Livestream

Newsletter 09/2017: Academic Excellence

Newsletter 08/2017: Female Expertise + Central Keynotes

Newsletter 07/2017: Final Offer Reduced Tickets

Newsletter 06/2017: Final Call for Applications

Newsletter 05/2017: World Health Summit in Berlin

Newsletter 04/2017: WHS Regional Meeting in Montreal

Newsletter 03/2017: World Health Summit Registration

Newsletter 02/2017: Program Update

Newsletter 01/2017: Early Bird Registration


Newsletter 07/2016: Seasons Greetings

Newsletter 06/2016: Wrap-up & Outlook WHS Regional Meeting North America

Newsletter 05/2016: Technological Innovation and Translational Research

Newsletter 04/2016: High Political Support + WHS Startup Finalists

Newsletter 03/2016: WHS Registration Opens

Newsletter 02/2016: Triple Chance for Young Professionals

Newsletter 01/2016: WHS Geneva Meeting 2016 - Speakers & Program